Monday, July 01, 2013

Really Don’t Like This

I've put off writing this in hopes that something would magically occur to make the words unnecessary; but that hasn't happened yet, and isn't likely to happen any time soon – so I’ll just have to bite the bullet and face the facts.  

I can’t go to Thailand next year.

The house needs a new roof and a new driveway, and there’s simply no way I can afford all of that and a trip on top of it all. I’m doing amazingly well financially speaking, but not THAT well.

It’s not that I’m canceling the whole idea entirely, though: I just have to postpone it indefinitely. Someday I’ll get there; I just need to keep saving my money until I get enough saved up again. And I can use the extra time to study up some more on archaeology and history, too!

Who Thinks Up These Things?

At work the other day, we were putting together a color board for a project we’re finishing up on with samples of all the paints, carpets, wall coverings, and whatnot.

The architect handed me a sample of the wood trim that would be used and asked me to go through the paint chips and find a good match, so I settled in at my desk and got to work.

Our paint chips are in a big box and are filed in order of color gradient, making it somewhat easy to at least start out in the right place. Once you get close, it’s just a matter of going one by one to see if it looks good or not.

As I was going through it, however, I was struck by some of the names I came across.

Ambitious Amber
Humble Gold
Compatible Cream

Who thinks up these things, anyway? And how would you put that on your resume? 

The Deal of the Century

I went out for a bit of shopping this weekend and ended up at Sports Authority. I needed some new hiking socks so wound my way down to the shoe isle, which just happens to have a really good sale isle as well. So of course, I had to check that out – and I actually found a pair of sandals that I liked, but they didn't have a price tag on them.

Luckily a salesperson was nearby, so I asked if he could find out the price for me. We walked up to the front and he waved the magic wand over them.

And then he waved the magic wand over them again.

And then he walked over to a computer and started punching in all sorts of numbers.

And THEN he called his manager to come to the front desk. Once the manager got there, they told me what was going on.

Seems the shoes apparently cost $9,000.00!

But they were kind enough to mark them down to $24.99 for me…