Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Obituary

Jannen Louis Amgwert, 82, passed away Thursday night January 9.

The only child of the late Henry and Esther Amgwert, he was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 19, 1931. After serving his military duty with the Army he moved to Colorado where he married and started his family.

“Jack” spent most of his life around horses, sported a handle-bar mustache and smoked a pipe in true cowboy fashion. He was joint-owner of The Westerner in Ft. Collins, an avid shooter all his life and an accomplished marksman.

In the early 1970’s he packed up his family and moved up north to Alaska, bought a little log cabin on the river in Palmer, and settled down. Eventually he moved in to Anchorage where he lived for the rest of his life.

He is survived by his 5 children: Stewart, Kelly, Noel, Ruth, and Reed. He is also survived by 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made in his name to Seward Mountain Haven (907-224-5241). 

Monday, January 06, 2014

Why Not, Continued

I had so much fun with the whole “Why Not” concept last year that I’ve decided to continue with it this year!

Basically, it goes this way:
I’m reading the papers or surfing the web, when I see an ad for something and say to myself “Wow, that looks interesting! I would like to do that.”

And then I say, “Why not!” and so I do it!

Already this year, I have myself booked for a flight seeing tour of Ruth Glacier (I mean, come on! How could I not do that one?), another Pie Making Trip to Talkeetna (I had so much fun last year, Why Not?), Rock Climbing lessons, a Horse Back Riding trip, a 4-hour cooking class, a camping trip out at the Kennecott Mine, and a Glacier Trek with Zip Line.

Most exciting, however, is that I am going to a Scrapbooking Convention for 3 days in Seattle!


Appreciation on Both Sides

On the one-year anniversary of my neck surgery, I sent a Thank You card to Dr. Kralick for a job well done. I included a picture of my neck showing him that I barely have a scar at all, as well as my records of the procedure: dealing with insurance, keeping track of all the people who played a part in it, all of the costs involved, and documenting my progress in healing – because I thought perhaps he’d be interested in the other side of the equation.

And I never heard a word from them. Did they get my card or not? I never knew…

Until today! Today, I got a phone call from a lady that works at Anchorage Neurosurgical Associates, Inc. saying that she was putting together a new web site for them and was asking if she could use what I had written on that card as a testimonial on their site! 

Apparently, they not only GOT the card, but really liked it, too!

I have to admit: I’m feeling all kinds of warm & fuzzy over this whole affair.

And of course, I said yes.

Body Parts, Insurance, and Rental Cars

So, last time I talked about my car wreck I left you hanging as to when the whole thing was going to get resolved.

Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you that. I can tell you that the parts required to fix the car came in earlier than expected, so I am to drop the car off at the body shop tomorrow. Today, I called the Rental Car place and reserved a replacement car for the duration (estimated to be around 4 days). A friend of mine is going to help me drop off my car at the body shop and go pick up the rental car at their place, so it should go smoothly.

As far as insurance is concerned, things are not going as well. The guy was driving a company vehicle, so my insurance has been trying to work with them on a solution to the whole problem, but they have been rather un-responsive so my insurance has passed my claim on to the “next level” so they can “pursue it more aggressively”

Whatever that means.

Actually, I know what that means. That means I get to pay for everything up front and wait for reimbursement somewhere down the road when things finally get resolved.

But at least my car will be fixed and good as new again.