Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Three out of Five Ain’t Bad

Anytime you make New Year’s Resolutions, it’s almost inevitable that you end up not keeping to them. I have actually done better than expected on most of mine, however. Unfortunately the ones that I am slacking on are the most “visible” ones.

Here’s what I originally resolved to do:
1. Loose as much weight as possible
2. Write at least 4 letters each month
3. Cook at least one new recipe each month
4. Renew contact with lost friendships 
5. Write at least 4 blog posts a month

The first resolution I have failed miserably on. In an attempt to keep to it, I not only joined a gym but also signed up for a personal trainer twice a month to keep me on track. I have been going as faithfully as my health will allow (Migraines do NOT like to work out) but have somehow managed to continue gaining weight rather than losing it. And no, it’s not muscle weight – trust me, its fat.

The second resolution has seen better success. I have not only written numerous personal letters to friends and family members, but also have taken part in the More Love Letters campaign each month. I have written so many letters in fact, I’m actually beginning to feel like I need to be making more cards just to stay ahead of myself!

My third resolution has been so much fun; I really have enjoyed this one. I have made a Moroccan-Inspired vegetable and chickpea stew, a Baked Almond Cheese ball, Chia Seed Breakfast Shakes, a Black Bean and Quinoa Casserole, a Quinoa Skillet Bread, a Couscous Black Bean Salad, and a Brussle Sprout Hash served with a fried egg on top.

To help with my goal of cooking new and exciting dishes, my guy got me a subscription to a Spice of the Month club that comes with recipes to try out each new spice! Below is what came in the mail this month:

Persian Cuisine in Celebration of Nowruz        
        Braised Lamb Shanks         
                Spices: Advieh Khoresh
        Baghali Polow with Saffron (a rice dish)  
                Spices: Saffron Threads
        Mast-o-Khiar (a savory yogurt dish)      
                Spices: Mast-o-Khiar Herbs & Spices

The fourth goal has been a little bit more difficult. The reason I made that resolution in the first place was to goad myself in to trying to find out what happened to a very good friend who just seemed to fall off the grid a while back. I’m not sure what happened: was it something I said or did? Or was it just something she felt she needed to do? If it is the later, I can respect that – I’d just like to know one way or other. I find that I am actually a tad bit afraid of what I might find out, however.

Finally we get to the fifth resolution: this blog of mine. I really did have every intention of writing more often, but as you can see I have let it slide these past few weeks.  I will continue to try however, so please bear with me and check back often.