Friday, February 12, 2016

Animals I have known

Animals I’ve had in my life:
Thing & Djuna = my current cats.
The Alien, Floyd, Mildred and Gracie = all cats.
Ssadi = a corn snake
Grendle = a leopard gecko
Shakespeare = a Chinese Box Turtle
Athos, Aramis, and Porthos = frogs
Chaeron = an iguana
A multitude of mice (all dinner for the snake)

While living with my family, we had:
Honey, a cat, plus Wookie, Winnifred, and 4 other kittens
Pookey, originally named Ebony = a cat
Patches = a feral cat we “tamed” who promptly had 5 kittens under my bed
Jacob, Albert, Buster, Mamma Dog, Little Dog, Sasquatch, Puppy, Rabbit, Sam, Ninianne, and various other dogs
William, George, and Martha = rats
Teddy = a hamster
Numerous fish
Katie and various other rabbits
Thomas, Winchester, Shoshone, Baby, and various other horses
Jiminy the burrow
About half a dozen pigs
The same number of cows
Dozens of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, and guinea hens
Possibly six (if not more) goats
I seem to recall a few sheep in the mix, too

How many animals did you grow up with?

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  1. Not nearly as many as you! Timmy was my Boston Terrier. There were numerous hamsters, partly because the new one I bought soon had 9 babies!) But that's really it. Would have loved to have as many animals as you have had. I'm trying to work that into my life as an adult!